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Media Trends to Watch out For in 2019

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February, 2019

Media Trends to Watch out For in 2019

Did you know that online e-commerce ads are set to take off in 2019? To be ready to adapt to the ever-changing and improving online marketing trends, you need an effective brand marketing strategy. The rising need for online advertising has created an industry that is expected to provide revenue of around 100billion in the global advertising market. Businesses in 2019 must gear up to pick up on the newest media trends and create ads that are relevant to these trends to stay at the top of their game. Here are the top trends that you should watch out for in 2019.

The Ever Increasing Demand for Subscription-Video on Demand (SVoD)

We understand that this lengthy term with a strange acronym might confuse you but when we say Netflix, it perhaps becomes clear that we are talking about similar services. Netflix, HBO and other SVoD services have changed the way we watch television.

Now we can stream our favorite shows and movies on different devices at the same time. The trend is expected to grow since Hulu, Now TV, and Amazon Prime have exclusive content. We are looking at huge revenues from advertising in content placement. To enhance your brand marketing strategy by doing product placement in a SVoD content, you will give your brand a boost.

Instagram is the New Trend

Instagram has millions of active users, which makes it a perfect platform for an effective brand marketing strategy. Members are switching from Facebook and giving all their attention to Instagram feeds. The changing preferences of users indicate that monetizing their Instagram accounts is a fool-proof way to establishing a successful brand.

Brands are expected to post photos and stories to capture their target audience. The shorter attention span of the current customers makes it challenging for companies to stay on track. But thankfully there are plenty of services and experts out there to help develop an engaging brand marketing strategy.

Personalized Podcast Ads

Ever since the digital audio and voice tech company Acast began to run personalized podcast ads across its global network comprising of 125 million users each month, it has developed into a new marketing trend. Now companies are focusing on a brand marketing strategy that includes different categories of podcasts for different device types. Now it’s possible to target specific locations and aim podcasts with special discounts to each particular location. Companies need to include personalized podcasts for a greater market share.